Mathias PhilippeIt’s not easy to present yourself in a few words but I have to try I guess, if you’re reading this page you expect to discover a little more about your host.

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  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Training
  3. Web Design
  4. BPO/Outsourcing
  5. French Translations & Proofreading


I’ve done my first steps as a webmaster about 8 years ago, I was a student at that time, I’ve entered this world teased by easy income (not the millionaire in one day schemes you see all over the web now)… I have to reckon that. A good friend of mine was starting websites for the same reason, following himself a friend’s path, this one was actually making “real money” by just putting PPC ads on small websites, it was easy at that time.
I did that as an amateur for a few years, improving my skills in web development and mainly SEO which became my speciality.
I eventually started to learn about web marketing… What an interesting & vast topic, so I follow it generally with a focus on social media.


I’m french to start with, but not so arrogant do not worry. 🙂
I had the luck to discover very little of the world outside of my country and I met astonishing people in New Zealand & now in the Philippines where I live with my wife & daughter.

My english is quite poor and I often make mistakes or use bad sentences, do not hesitate to point them in comments or to message them to me. I’d appreciate, so that I can correct and it’ll help me to improve. Thanks for your understanding about this also.

What can I do for you?

Here we are, it’s probably what you’re wondering, I hope the answer will satisfy you then, feel free to contact me for more details or references.

  1. SEO
    As mentioned above, SEO is my long time speciality, mainly the on-site part in which I’m honestly very good… No I’m not tooting my own horn.

    • I can audit your website and if you like my recommendations, I can surely optimize it.
    • I can help you to prepare a content strategy as it’s the basis of all SEO & SMM efforts.
    • I can have your content planned & written for you by people with better english than mine, do not worry.
  2. Social Media
    • What I do best in social medias is training, I like to explain the good practices to my clients & then keep them updated as I learn new techniques. It’s good because they remain the author of their content & keep the control of their image & brand. Furthermore they still know the good things to do without having to do the marketing watch (not sure about this expression).
    • I can create your pages or profiles on social networks to give you a good start: Right now I offer this service for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Pinterest.
    • As in SEO, I can assist you in elaborating your strategy & if you want to externalize it all, I can have someone taking care of your community & social media activities for you also.
  3. Web Design
    Contact me to build a new website or updating an existing one. All my websites include the following features

    • Domain Name & Hosting
    • Website (of course)
    • Social Media Properties Creation if none
    • Social Media Integration
    • WordPress Training
    • Social Media Training
    • Content Creation Training
  4. BPO/Outsourcing
    I know a very professional company proposing outsourcing services, they provide quality work at effective costs in many fields:

    • Website Creation
    • Design / 3D
    • Transcriptions
    • Proofreading
    • Video Creation & Edition
  5. What else Can I do?
    As a french native speaker I can write & translate for you if you need, mainly english to french, even if it’s very technical. Be ensured that my french is way better than my english.

About what I like

I love to learn new things & I spend a lot of time reading articles about anything. I read about history, politics… Lastly I developed a strong interest for psychology & self-development.
I also really enjoy watching inspiring talks on Ted or similar websites. Open Culture is another interesting website I visit, you should check it if you want to learn new things.

In case you’re familiar with these personality & temperament types, I tend to be an INTJ in Keirsey’s system & my temperament is obviously melancholic-choleric (it’s not that bad despite the name :)).