You have to take the habit to always check the picture or name, generally on the side of the text box you are filling, when you’re about to interact on a social network (comment, post, like, +1…). It’s mostly true for Facebook & Google+ because they are the more confusing, but also on any social network actually. How many of us have mistakenly posted personal stuff on our business page and vice versa?

Worried Woman

It can sound a little silly but among all the people I know that run a business and that have then a Facebook & a Google+ page on top of their profiles on these networks, all of them made this particular mistake at least once… Me included actually. It’s often no big deal but it can sometimes be very problematic, mainly if you post something very personal.

Choose different thumbnails for all your IDs, it’s better to have images you can easily differentiate to avoid all confusion.

On Facebook

If you’re about to post on Facebook, have a quick look on the left or on the top bar to be sure you’re connected under the correct identity. If not, you can switch on the top right or click on the logo (top left) to come back to the main page where you’ll have a list of your possible identities (profile & pages).
Facebook profile image in the header

The image also appears before every comment boxes:
Facebook profile image in the comments

On Google+

It’s very similar as on Facebook in the disposition, you can see below the places where you can check your identity & switch:
Google+ profile image in the header

The thumbnail is also visible on the left of the comment boxes.
Google+ profile image in the comments

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