Why Tweriod & Buffer is the ultimate combo to tweet at the best time of the day. The first app gives you the best time frame and the second one makes tweet planning dead easy.

Tweriod & Buffer is the ultimate combo to tweet at the best time of the day.


Tweriod is an app I discover recently and I’m very happy to share it with you as it does a really smart analysis of your existing followers in order to tell you when is the best time to tweet if you want to reach the widest audience. You can ask for a free report that will give you some useful insights: general ones, hourly graphs & number of replies.

Graphs are displayed by:
– Weekends
– Sundays
– Mondays
– Week days
– Combination

Here is an example of report:
Tweriod report example


Buffer is another useful app, there are more chances that you already know or use it as it’s very popular.
It gives you the ability to curate content very easily as you browse and post it on your social networks when it’s the most appropriate.
You can already connect Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin. Pinterest & Google+ should follow soon according to this blog post.

You can see on the Tweriod report example above that there is a button (bordered in red for convenience here) in order to export Tweriod’s data to Buffer. It’ll replace your current posting times and should noticeably improve your reach as there will probably be more people seeing your tweets from now on.

Here are the three steps of the export from Tweriod to Buffer:
Tweriod to Buffer

Andrew GaukrodgerReally nice post. Another app that (amongst other things) tells you the best time to tweet is Socialbro.

I particularly like SocialBro because you can analyse best times by individual lists. So I could set up a list for Tweet experts, check when they are most likely to tweet and then export the data to Hootsuite for scheduling.
By Andrew Gaukrodger