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Should you care about nofollow links?

Is the nofollow attribute useless? Pretty much depending on the website it's on, read to know my "theory" about it.

What to expect in 2013?

What can you expect in 2013 and mainly what should you do regarding SEO & social media marketing? Here are my predictions.

Steps to ensure the credibility of links on your site

This article describes the steps you need to take to ensure that the links given on your website are trustworthy, as bogus links can decrease your pagerank.

SEO, Web Marketing Glossary

From today, I'll keep this glossary updated in order for you to be able to understand the technical... or even esoterical terms I sometimes use.

Free & Simple Software to check your positions on Gooogle

Here is SeoSoft, a simple yet efficient software to follow the evolution of your SERP, it's free & simple to use, a must-have to monitor your SEO efforts.

10 ways to get links without making a penguin mad

10 more or less used & Google Penguin Proof techniques to get links to your site.

How to get your image in Google’s Search Results?

Why you need an author image for your website in Google's Results and how to have it?