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How To Turn Your Site Into A Movement

Here are some tips on how you can get loyal followers and fans to your site and help it to grow beyond your wildest expectations.

Spam & fishing on Pinterest

I just discovered a new way to spam on Pinterest and it appears that they also do fishing. :(

What to expect in 2013?

What can you expect in 2013 and mainly what should you do regarding SEO & social media marketing? Here are my predictions.

SEO, Web Marketing Glossary

From today, I'll keep this glossary updated in order for you to be able to understand the technical... or even esoterical terms I sometimes use.

5 Ways Social Media Can Help Small Businesses Reach Out To New Potential Customers

Here are five ways social media can help businesses reach out to potential customers.

Read this to be off to a good start with your social media presence

As a business owner, you now need to be connected with your customers, prospects or simple visitors, let's start this well...

How to tag/link to people or brands on your social posts/statuses?

Is it useful to tag people or page on your business profile/page? Who can you tag then? How to do it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest.

Always check your profile image before posting!

Avoid to post or comment under the wrong identity on Google+ or Facebook by always checking your thumbnail!

Twitter now lets you personalize your header image too

Twitter is following Facebook & Google+ on that and you can now add a header image to your profile.

How to correctly promote an article on Facebook?

Discover my tips to improve user engagement when you promote your own articles on Facebook.