Here is SEO Soft, a simple yet efficient software to follow the evolution of your SERP, it’s free & simple to use, a must-have to monitor your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

This is the main view of the soft (with annotations) when you start it, this screenshot actually shows today’s positions for a website I follow.
SeoSoft - Main Tab

What is SEO Soft?

This software lets you list all your websites & associated keywords, you can then easily track them in Google Search Engine Results. You have a quick preview with the evolution & current position (see 4. on the above image) & you can get more details and a graph by clicking any of them (see 5.).

What I really like in SEOSoft, aside from its price of course, is its ease of use. The configuration takes 5 minutes and after that a quick look every days gives you the trends, it’s very practical. It’s finished the time you had to search all your keywords on Google manually, it’s all done for you now.

You can see below how the configuration tab looks:
SeoSoft - Config Tab

The soft uses “generic” Google results, meaning it’s with no personalization at all, the ones you see when you search your keyword will probably vary… as the ones seen by anybody else actually as Google tailors more & more its results.

Is it possible to get non-personalized results in Google directly?

Yes it is and it’s quite simple, first the best is to sign out from your Google Account if you’re connected, then you can add the argument “pws=0” to Google URL, it disables the personalized search. I also recommend to add “hl=en” to specify you want english results (you can use other languages: fr, de, es, cn…).

So the URL you should use will look like this:

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