Real estate agents/brokers, I will show you how to create a website to share your listings between each others in a few minutes, FOR FREE.

Here is what you’ll get if you follow this quick instructions, see the computer/tablet version:
Real Estate Listings Sharing - Front end

And the mobile one:
Responsive view on a small screen (cellphone)

What do you need?

If you need help to choose a hosting package and/or install WordPress, you can contact me about that.

Let’s configure WordPress & install the theme

Now your WordPress is installed and ready to use, we can quickly tune it.

I recommend to make it unindexable by Search Engines, it’s not the purpose of this website and it will actually be protected by password so no listing will be browsable without logging in anyway.
To do so, just go in Settings > Privacy.
Admin - recommended privacy settings

Then check “Anyone can register” and put “author” as default on the list below in the General settings section” so that your fellow brokers/agents can share with you. As authors, they can only edit their own listings:
Admin - recommended general settings

We’re almost done, we need to deactivate the comments now, they’re useless here. Go in the Discussion settings and uncheck the three first options as follows:
Admin - recommended discussion settings

Let’s change the theme now, go to Appearance > Themes & click “activate” below Real Estate Listings Sharing:
Admin - Theme Choice

You now have a website that is ready to use, agents & brokers can register to share their listings with you & also access the ones you share.

Some details about the theme

  • The theme has been developed mostly for “IT Guys” so that they can deliver a quick website to their real estate clients, if you are the end-user I advise to create a second user with the “editor” role, you’ll connect with this one when you’ll share your listings. It’s needed as administrators will be ignored in the filters on the front end.
  • The main agent/broker has to be an editor, the other ones will be authors. He can edit everybody’s listings if needed. The role is also used in the filters.
  • Posts become listings & users become agents to make it simple.
  • All non-necessary parts have been removed from the back-end, tell me if it’s a problem for you in comments.
  • The admin Dashboard has been replaced by my feed and the webmaster’s one.

Theme Settings

Once enabled, you can set some options if you go to Appearance > Settings:
– The number of listings per page.
– Choose among the users who will be the main agent (remember to make him/her an editor).
– Check if you have listings for assumption (more info on Wikipedia).
– Check if you want other agents to see each other’s listings, if you choose no, they will see only their own listings and the main agent’s ones. The main agent will be the only one to see everything.
– The full name of the main agent or broker that will appear in the footer.
– The website of the main agent or broker that will be linked in the footer.
– The website of the webmaster that will be linked in the admin’s footer.
– The full name of the webmaster that will be linked in the admin’s footer.
– The RSS Feed of the webmaster so that its last items will appear in the admin dashboard.

It looks like this:
Admin theme settings

If you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to comment below.