You have crafted a new post on your blog, yeepee! But don’t believe you’re done and it’s now time to promote it. The first place to do so are your social networks and we’ll talk today about Facebook more particularly.

Illustrate it with an image

If you follow only one advice in this article, it has to be this one, try to always add an image (or a video) to your Facebook Statuses. This will be really positive for your Facebook page and indirectly for your website then.

If you wonder why, the reason is simple, adding illustrations will significantly improve the number of interactions – likes, comments & shares – on this particular item and will also benefit your page on the long term with higher global user engagement.

Unlike what you may think at first, it does not really reduce the number of clicks your article will receive, it can even slightly increase it though, the difference is not so high according to what I observed.

You’ll generally use the main illustration of your article but you can choose another one, if you still have difficulties, you can check there how to find an image for your posts.

There is a minor drawback, links shared in the comment of an image won’t increment the number of likes for this article, so it won’t be counted in the counters you may have put on your website, in my opinion it’s really no big deal and I’d definitely be OK in having smaller figures on my counters – sorry for my ego – if I get more interactions on the other hand.

How to add an image to a Facebook status?

It’s very simple as you’ll see in the next pictures, first you click on “Photo / Video” above the text area:
How to add an image to a Facebook post - step 1

Then you click on “Upload photo/video”:
How to add an image to a Facebook post - step 2

You choose a file and fill the comment with a link to your article:
How to add an image to a Facebook post - step 3
How to add an image to a Facebook post - step 4

And here you are, the result is nicer than if you would just have the box with a thumbnail and a description, isn’t it?
Example of a regular post with an image

If the image is beautiful & large enough, you can do something else to make it sort out even more. Just click on the star on the top right of the post to “highlight” it, it’ll look like this, isn’t this great?
Example of a highlighted post with an image

If you cannot add an image, you can still personalize your item

I don’t know if you noticed but you can edit the descriptive parts of your article when you share it on Facebook:
– If more than one thumb are fetched, you can change the main one by using the arrows.
– You can also double-click on the title and/or the description to edit them.
For more details, check the picture below.
Article Edition on Facebook

Tips about the comment

Stay concise, one paragraph is generally enough to “tease” your followers, most the people just ignore if they see a big text, I call it the “boring effect”.

Add a call to action, it can be a suggestion:
– Click if you like
– read the full article
– …

or a question:
– What do you think about this?
– Do you agree?
– …
associated with an invitation to comment like “share with us in the comments” or “answer in a comment”…

It works better on Facebook than on other networks to clearly state what you expect from your readers, try and you’ll see the difference for sure.