WordpressWe’ve all had this problem once at least since we started to use WordPress at a more advanced level, discovering new themes & plugins quite often… Sometimes there are some CSS issues or incompatibilities.
It’s generally quite easy to fix them but you have to remember what you updated to put it back on the next update of your plugin or theme as all the files are overwritten.

It’s why I took some time this morning to develop a small plugin called WP My CSS that will solve this issue one time for all.

How does it work?
It’s actually very simple, you just enter your set of CSS rules in a text field and they will appear in your front end.

There is a little technicality though. The style sheet will be loaded at the same time as your other CSS files (generally in the head section) but it will be moved at the end of the script once the page will be fully loaded to be sure that the CSS definitions inside will overwrite the ones existing.

I hope you’ll find it useful also, do not hesitate to contact me or to comment to give me ideas how I could improve this plugin, it’s really basic right now. 🙂