You probably have made some searches recently and may have noticed that a picture of who looks to be the author comes with some results, I’ll explain you why you need the exact same thing for your website and how to have it.

The main question, why would you need that?

You need it for many reasons:

  • It personifies your search results, showing who is “behind the scene”, it’s important to give a human image to your organization online as visitors expect to have interactions with persons, not with machines.
  • It adds a link to find more content from the same author, you in this case.
  • It adds a link to your Google+ profile/page, I personally followed a lot of people by finding their content useful and checking their Google+.
  • As you can see on the picture below, it really enhances your result on Google’s page.
  • It helps protect your content from being copied as Google will recognize you as its legitimate owner.

Search Engine Result Example w/ 2 pictures

How do I get it then?

It’s a two steps process, not too technical do not worry. 🙂

1) You need a Google+ profile or page, copy its URL, if you don’t know how, just do as follow:
– Click on your profile/page picture on the left of the sharing box.
How to know your Google+ url - step 1

– Now copy the URL in the status bar, it’ll look like the one below (unless you have a vanity url which is not likely to be the case right now) and keep it, you’ll use it soon:
How to know your Google+ url - step 2

2) This one needs you to (pick one):
– Call your webmaster (or me if you don’t have any).
– Use your favorite source code editor.
– Install a WordPress plugin (I don’t any plugin for other CMSs sorry).
Your goal is to add a simple line in the head section of your pages, a meta in case you are familiar with html jargon.

You need to add the following code on your page(s), replace my Google+ url by the one you got earlier:


It’s as simple as that and it’ll tell Google that you’re the author of the page(s).

WordPress SEO can do that for you, you just need to go on your user profile page on your WordPress website ( and fill the Google+ field in the Contact Info Section as below:
Fill your Google+ Infos in your WordPress author page

Then go in the SEO Menu, in the “Titles & Metas” section and the “home” tab as below, choose the default author & enter your Google+ url as “Google Publisher Page”:
Google+ Setup in WordPress SEO Plugin

If you have a multi-authors website, the plugin will associate all the articles with their respective authors in case their Google+ url is filled.