The majority of us do not work in a glamorous industry, it’s a fact and you have to deal with it when it comes to creating content, let’s think to some ideas that may help you in your journey to successful writing then.

Writer's block

Local News

You can share & analyse local news if they are relevant to your field, it’s easy to do if you are in the tourism/hospitality sector for example and you can then talk about almost any event around your facility as people attending them may need your services.
It’s still true for many other niches.


Interviews are easy to do, you need to prepare a list of questions and send it to relevant people, they can be your suppliers, some happy clients, your employees… This is particularly good to humanize your company, when it comes to socially interact with the client, it’s really helping.

Talk about related topics

If you don’t have much to say about your field itself, you need to broaden your view and write about related topics. You’re probably in a sub-niche, then you can create articles about the other sub-niches or about your parent niche. Just try to find a way to come back to yours most of the time, even if it’s just one line.
For example if you’re a soccer club, you can write about soccer news, games & scores (parent niche) but also about soccer equipment, betting, complementary activities (fitness, work out, running, bike…), there is no real limit.

“How to” Articles

This is probably the best source of content you can offer, explain how to do and/or fix things related to your industry. It will surely grow your authority & audience. Furthermore, it’s the kind of content that may spread easily as it’s very useful.
If you’re in E-Commerce it can grow your sales as your visitors may buy your products to do what’s advised in your articles.
If you’re providing services, just explain part of it, if your visitors want more, they’ll come to you then.


You can list almost anything and you probably have seen a lot of them about any topic, your turn now: search about something & just share your findings in an organized way, it’s kind of as simple as that.


Videos are a very good support for interviews, how-to and digests of news (weekly, monthly…), do not hesitate to add a transcript below if you choose this format, it’s good for SEO. I recommend to host them on video sharing websites – like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion… – and use the embed code on your article.
It then saves your bandwidth and if you do so, add a link to your article in the description on the chosen service(s) so that you’ll also get a good link on a trusted website.

Case Study

Let’s say you’re a plumber advertising your services & selling materials in your area, it’s probably not the easiest topic when it comes to making content about it. Now let’s imagine what you could write about to keep your website updated.

Local News
You can occasionally talk about conventions or events related to your area of expertise if there are some in your city. Advertise them and tell your clients that you’ll attend to them.

I think it’ll be hard to get any interview, you can still try to get feedback from your customers and share it with their agreement.

Talk about related topics
This one is prefect if you do some technology watch, you can share and give your opinion about the new products out there. You will probably not have an article par day doing so but it can surely give some ideas & fill some blanks.

How to
The list is quite long I suppose, I recommend to do your “how-to” in videos, that’s better. You can write about all the services you propose:
– How to unblock the flush
– How to install a new flush
– It’s basically all I know about plumbery but I’m sure there is way more…
You can earn on the products you sell and do not worry, there will always be people (like me) to pay for your services, even if you explain them how to do in videos.

This is another good way to talk about the articles you sell, make selections. You can for example write about the 5 best choices of flushes per budget, per types… or even explain the 3/5/10 (if more than 10, make 2 articles) qualities of a good plumber…

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