I will present you IFTTT which stands for If This Then That, it’s a very power tool that will let all your other apps (and more) interact with each other in an uncountable number of ways.

IFTTT - If This Then That

I did not get it, what is IFTTT?

If This Then That is a web application that works in the dark, you configure it once and it does very smart stuff for you later without having to worry about it.
You first choose the channels you want to use (see the list below) and then you can connect them in many ways.
Each of them have triggers:
– Tweeting, being followed, Retweet… for Twitter.
– Having a new file or photo uploaded in your Dropbox.
– …
These triggers can launch many actions on the same or other channels, the possibilities are infinite and you can see a list of “recipes” here.

Here are some examples of what you can do in a few clicks:
– You can automatically thank someone following or retweeting you on Twitter.
– You can archive tweets, statuses, photos, blog posts… on Dropbox as they are posted.
– You can post your last WordPress post on Tumblr, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, Linkedin & vice versa…
– … There are more than 40,000 shared recipes right now and you can do your own, just give it a try.

What Services are supported?

For information, here is a list of the channels at the time I write this article, you can check all IFTTT Channels here as they add new ones often.

Read this article in a browser/table to see the list of services, sorry for the inconvenience.
App.net Bit.ly Blogger Box Boxcar
Buffer BuzzFeed Craigslist Date & Time Delicious
Diigo Dropbox Email (Emission) Evernote Facebook
Facebook Pages Feed Ffffound Flickr Foursquare
Gmail Google Servies: Calendar, Drive, Reader & Talk IFTTT Instagram
Instapaper Last.fm LinkedIn Phone Call (Voicemail)
Pinboard Pocket Posterous Pushover Readability
SMS (Emission) SoundCloud Stocks Storify Svpply
Tumblr Twitter Vimeo Weather WeMo Motion
WeMo Switch WordPress Yammer YouTube Zootool

OK and you, what do you think of IFTTT?

That’s a good question and I’ll say that I really like it, people may argue that you can do most of what IFTTT does with plugins or other apps but I’ll answer that it’s centralized here, you define all your triggers & actions at the same place and you can chain them or do other bright stuff with them.
I advise you two things if you start with If This Then That:
– Take the time to “study” the channels to see what are their triggers & actions, this will surely make more ideas appear.
– Subscribe to IFTTT’s updates so that you know when new channels arrive, I can’t wait them to add Pinterest for example and I hope it’s in their plans.
– Visit sometimes the Recipes page and check “What’s Hot”, there are some very smart people sharing their recipes and you can discover some good ones you would not have thought of.

Thanks Christian for his Rubik’s Cube 3D Model that served me as basis for the illustration above.