People have hard time finding the best WordPress plugins for their needs sometimes so I’ve decided to share my selection, it’s not an extensive choice but these are actually the ones I use on this website.


For SEO & Social Medias

  • Digg Digg by Buffer
    The best plugin I know to add social counters to your articles, they were the first to implement the floating bar (watch on the left) if I remember correctly.
  • Pinterest Pinboard Widget by CodeFish
    See the result on the left of my footer (bottom of the page), you can create a small & good-looking board with your last pins, clever.
  • Related Content by Zemanta
    This plugin provides the related articles you see below most of the posts on my blog. It’s a really good system that helps you share relevant resources with your audience. Only drawback, you need to edit your article in visual mode which I generally don’t – I’m an html junkie I suppose – but it’s no big deal.
  • Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget by WhileTrue
    Do I need to describe this one? As you expect, it lets you share your last tweets on your website.
  • Social Media Counters by Phil Hancox
    This plugin also adds social media counters, at the top and/bottom of your posts, it’s a good complement with Digg-Digg above.
  • Social Media Widget by Brian Freytag
    This one gives you access to a widget with an extensive list of social medias, you can then enter your own profiles so that they will be linked from your website, the result is on the right: “Let’s get in touch”.
  • Advanced Recent Posts Widget by Anthony Webbs
    It lets you create widgets to display your most recent articles according to your preferences, you see the result on the right sidebar here with my “recent posts”.
  • WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk
    This is one of the two big SEO plugins around with All in One SEO Pack, both are really good actually.
    WordPress SEO gives you a large set of tools to optimize your blog:
    – Canonical URLs
    – Google authorship
    – Titles
    SEO exclusions
    – …


  • Akismet by Automattic
    If you use WordPress, there are big chances that you already know Askimet, this plugin is included in the package and helps you avoid to be spammed if you choose to have the comments opened. It’s pretty reliable solution, you sometimes need to couple it with other tools but it’s already making a very good job by itself.
  • Jetpack by Automattic
    Jetpack is the last development of the Automattic team for WordPress and it adds a lot of features:
    – Statistics on the dashboard
    – Social integration
    – Check spelling on post
    – …
  • Thank Me Later by Brendon Boshell
    It’s one of my favorite, this plugin will thank your visitor for their comments and remind them to come back.
  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox by Michael DeWildt
    You can automatically backup your WordPress site directly in your Dropbox at regular time intervals.
  • WP My CSS by me
    You may have discovered this one here already, its goal is to solve some CSS issues on the theme and on the other plugins you use. You can define new rules that will be added to the website and to be sure they overwrite the previous ones, they’ll be moved at the bottom of the page once it will be fully loaded.
  • WP by Dialect
    This will automatically reduce the size of the images you upload on your blog by using the Yahoo Smush It API, it does not lose any quality, really useful.