Twitter just added a new personalization to profiles and you can now set your header image… like on Facebook & Google+.

Here is how it looks like with mine, click to see the full profile:
My Twitter account @kolargol

How to add your own Twitter header image?

If you want to use one on your own profile, you need to have a 1252px x 626px image… yes there is a new format to ask to your designer.
Choose a dark one as the text & links are white! and you cannot change them for now.
Go to Settings > Design, scroll down to the “Customize your own” section below the default backgrounds and it’s the first image you can upload/change there.

What I think about this change?

I’m actually not sure about what I think about this, I mean if it’s a good change or no, but at least here are my first observations:
– It would really help to be able to choose the color of the text & links that are on the header.
– I don’t like that much the centered “avatar” but it’s a question of taste.
– There is less space for the tweet line, I see only three of them now compared to four and half before.

+ There is another image to promote your brand.
+ I like the figures (followers, following…) in line, I find it clear.
+ the images are more visible because they seem higher in the sidebar.