Here are two ideas if you want to create videos for your online business but lack of inspiration.

Some ideas to make videos

Start a series

You too can have your web series if you’re motivated to make videos consistently, it’s not too hard as long as you like to be on the screen. You can be hidden & just comment also but it’s rarer to see that.
If you plan to start a set, have a look at Blip which will make your things way easier for free. This service helps you to upload, share, monitor & monetize your videos, what else to ask?

In the SEO field, there is a very famous series also, anybody could do technically it as it just needs a white board & ideas, it’s called Whiteboard Friday.
If you want an example of a humorous web series, have a look Wilson Tech1, Lamarr Wilson posts a new video almost every days, most of the time answering fan comments & questions or “analyzing” some news, I like it.
My favorite one is actually Ze Frank and sorry but I can hardly describe what he does, it’s just unique…

You don’t have to be very funny or have a particular talent to make a group of videos, you can for example share & analyze news about your industry – a little like in a TV show – make interviews, answer your client’s questions… I let your creativity do the rest, I’m sure the result will be awesome. As stated above, Whiteboard Friday is a perfect example of that and it shows what very clever guys can do just with a board & some pens.

The main advantage of a series is that it creates a fan base & people tend to follow you, some of them are even waiting your next appearance.

Adapt your slides

It’s a little trick I give you here if you don’t like to appear on video. You can use your PowerPoint presentations or pictures as slides & record them. Screencast-O-Matic looks to be perfect for this purpose and you can select only the part of your screen which display the slides.
Add voice and/or music and maybe some annotations and here you are, you have a new video.

After that, you can also make “real” movies, try directly or you can do it for fun at first and correct what’s wrong, when you’re good enough according to your standards, you can post them online.

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